Renumber Grids

Automatically renumber sequence grids with number or letters, including sub-letters and sub-numbers. This command has also the ability to use a data table to reorder and organize grids.
You need to hit Apply or OK for the changes made to this dialog to take affect in your model.
Vertical and Horizontal Grids: The first two drop downs allow you to decide how the numbering system will work: Vertical Grids to be Numbers and Horizontal Grids to be Letters or vice versa. Changing one of these combo boxes will automatically change the other.
Sub Numbering: This will tell the app to use sub numbering when a grid indentation is found like such:
Notice that for Sub numbering to work the sub grid(s) should be smaller than its parent.
More Options: Here you can fine tune how the numbering should occur, you will be presented with a list of all grids contained in the project.
  • New: The new numbering for the grid
  • Previous: The previous numbering for the grid (before opening the dialog)
  • Orientation: The orientation for the grid is either horizontal or vertical and it is calculated automatically for helping the tool to renumber the grids.
You can flip the orientation of the grid by right clicking it and then: Flip Orientation
Restore Orientation: Restores the orientation of all grids in the table.
Restore Order & Drag/Drop: You can drag and drop grids to reorder their position and then hit apply to commit the changes to the model, you can hit the Restore Order button to reset the changes.
Renumber List: Serves as a preview/ update on the table before committing the changes to the project.