Beams from Walls

Create beams selecting architectural walls
This command creates structural beams from walls, it creates all types automatically, it is possible to pre-establish the beam height, join these beams with nearest walls and utilize linked files along with other options.
The Beams From Walls Dialog Box.
Onbox will automatically replace the existing Structural Framings, so you dont need to worry about duplicating elements.
When Loading new Families, this will update the List of Structural Framings bellow.
Opens Revit's Load Family Dialog.
The Drop Down with the list of Available Structural Framings in the Project.
  • Upper Beam: Creates Beam on top of Selected Walls.
  • Lower Beam: Creates Beam on bottom of Selected Walls.
  • Inverted: Creates an Inverted Beam on top of the Selected Walls. An inverted Beam is a Beam that its entire height is position on top of the Wall.
The difference of a Beam vs a Inverted Beam.
  • Height:
    • Fixed Height: A fixed height specified by you.
    • Span Divided by: Onbox will calculated the beam height by the span divided by a number specified by you.
    • To the Highest Opening: The height of the beam will be the determined by the maximum opening found on the selected Wall.
The Span is determined by the Length of the Beam minus the connected columns when applicable.
  • Width:
    • Wall Width Added to: The Width of the Beam will be determined by the Width of the Wall plus a number specified by the user.
    • Fixed Width: The Width of the Beam will be specified by you.
More Options:
  • Join With Walls: Onbox will try to automatically join the Beam with intersecting walls.
  • Links: Allows Onbox to pick Walls on Links instead of the current Project.