Renumber Parking Spaces

Renumbers all the Parking Spaces on the project
Renumber Parking Spaces Dialog Box
The Renumber Parking Spaces Command operates on the Levels and Types of Parking Spaces
Numbering Order: Indicates if the command will start numbering by top (higher) Levels: Upwards or bottom (lower) Levels: Downwards of the project.
Level Options:
Independent numbering by level: Indicates if each Level will receive its own numbering sequence or it will be continuous throughout all Levels.
  • Name: Name of the Level.
  • Use: Indicates if Parking Spaces contained in this Level will be renumbered.
  • Prefix: In case of Independent numbering, a prefix should be applied to each Level, otherwise an warning "Elements have duplicate 'Mark' values" will pop up after applying the numbering:
Type Options: With this, you can restrict the types of Parking Spaces to be renumbered.
  • Name: Name of the type
  • Use: Indicates if instances of this type will be renumbered.
  • Prefix: For instance: D for Disabled and so on.