Slope Grading By Pads

Create slope grading from selected pads
The Slope Grading by Pads Dialog Box.
This command creates slope grading from selected building pads, it is possible to define the angle and the number of iteration points by each segment.
Max Distance Between Points: Along the Pad Edges, this will be the maximum distance between each point. The less the distance, the more points will be created.
Max Slope Angle: The maximum slope of the Grading. The more slope the more close the points will be from the pad.
Multiple Pads: If this option is checked, Onbox will continue to prompt for selecting more Pads until you hit Esc.


Default Options: Max distance (1) Max Slope (45)
Max distance (0.5) Max Slope (60)
You can create quite complex surface using this tool. in this example we have utilised it to create the grading for road design and the building Levels