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Create Beams For Entire Building

Distribute beams on every valid wall on the building
This command reads all walls in the current project or in a linked file to create structural beams in all chosen levels.
The Create Beams For Entire Building Dialog Box.
Choose Beam Family: The Family of Structural Framings that will be utilized.
Onbox will create types of Structural Framing Automatically where necessary when creating the Beams.
Linked Files: When Revit Links are detected, you can distribute beams on one of these projects instead of the current project.
The 'Choose Levels to be Used' Grid will updated with the Link's Levels.
Create Beams on Intermediate Levels: Allows the Command to create Structural Framing on top or bottom of walls that are offset from the specific Levels.
Standard Levels: This is the way of Onbox recognises Level repetitions and groups them together, instead of detecting and calculating each Level independently. The Tool can either try to automatically detect them by name or you can manually specify them:
The Standard Level Dialog Box.
Ignore Standard Levels: If you like the tool to ignore the Standard Level feature and create each Level independently.
Ignore Wall with Width Less Than: This is useful for inner partitions or Walls that are being used for finishing or detailing purposes only.
Try to Join Beams with Nearby Walls: This will make the tool to try to join the beams with intersecting Walls.
This can greatly increase the processing time!